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a modest proposal

Metis Sash



For a few years, I’ve had this dream of printing off images (in LARGE SCALE) of what I consider to be of this place and to wrap buildings in these images. It would be particularly satisfying to intervene in the most post-awesome buildings or the spaces where Indigenous and non-Indigenous history has been the most overlooked or forgotten. Sort of as my Metis critique of how design can unwittingly contribute to the historical and rhetorical erasure of our complex history from the narrative of our city. A way of retelling our stories through imagery and playful intervention in Edmonton’s building styles.

Maybe you have ideas of things you want to see plastered on the sides of buildings. Or thoughts about how you would use art or music or dance to intervene in spaces to make them yours.

I guess this is my wee, whimsical proposal for how I would contribute to Todd Babiak’s incomparable #makesomethingyeg project. If only I knew how go about wrapping a building in images!


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