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heretics and herrings and hares


You can refer back to the above storify link to see the outcome of a series of tweets I posted the other day.

On the one hand, I’m really excited there was so much discussion that grew from one little tweet. However, a troubling reality is that often when we start to talk about relationship, dynamic knowledge, and making space for Indigenous peoples and laws as contemporary and living, you quickly get told you are wrong. And if you are a woman, you will definitely be told that you are wrong. As a kind of feisty woman, I’ll gladly engage. But it still bothers me how quickly we draw lines in the sand over this topic. And how difficult it is to find safe spaces to have this dialogue. In this case, I think postmodern ideas of fluidity and relativity are being inserted where much more rooted and accountable notions of fluidity/dynamism/relationality — as they existed and exist in myriad Indigenous legal orders across many nations in north america — are being discussed.

I think the response to my tweet illustrates precisely why this conversation needs to happen.


(for reference, here’s some of the material I was referring back to — which is an abstract of John Borrows’ talk this past Tuesday)






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