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Body Positivity

Through the work of Gwyneth Olwen (YourEatopia) and Amber Rogers (Go Kaleo), I have been able to reclaim my body and heal from years of disordered eating (a strategy I used to internalise traumas I experienced as a woman — as an Indigenous woman).

I cannot express how grateful I am for those who share sound knowledge lovingly, openly and fearlessly. It creates the conditions for the rest of us to re-assert ourselves, to learn to love ourselves and to be the badass warriors that we’ve been all along (but have been hiding from the world).

Here’s where I stand today — strong, healthy. Healing. Fearless. And it is because I finally found information that was honest and accountable regarding the recovery process from disordered and/or restrictive eating. And I let go of the need to make myself smaller so that others would approve of me. I finally realised that to be a warrior you have to lovingly, firmly, fearlessly take up space to share your story. To be heard. And to ensure you are in an effective position to listen empathetically and effectively to those around you, as well. If you’re hiding in the corner not only are you unable to effect change, you also are not an effective accomplice to support other’s journeys.

In a way, these two women have saved my life. And I promise to continue to fight tirelessly for women to ‘take up space’ as Amber Rogers argues.



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