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UrbaneAdventurer needs your help!

Last week my beloved laptop met its demise. In spectacular fashion. The repair bill would be £1400 (about $2500 CAD), which is way beyond my means. I accomplish a lot with my little laptop — I blog, I edit and create film shorts, I record and edit music, I edit and create cartoons about local and political topics I am deeply passionate about (and sometimes just plain silly things to brighten your day). My little laptop gives voice to my stories as a politically informed Métis woman. It lets you enjoy the labour of love that is this blog. Oh, and it also allows me to finish my PhD in a timely manner!

I can’t afford to replace the machine I had, but with your help I can! I know many people are struggling to make ends meet, so I don’t expect people to give what they cannot afford to give, but if you are of the means to help out a wee bit, I would be so incredibly grateful. Having a powerful machine lets me continue to craft and create the things that I share here, and without it it is nearly impossible to do what I do.

You can check out the crowdfunding page I set up over here:







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